Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving Road Trip.

 Connor and Anthony watching Cartoons
 We spent many hours in beautiful parks with Sundberg
 My cutie pie.
 Whats this? Moss is not something growing all over our trees in SD.
 The Grandkids and Great Grandkids (minus my bro and I)
 Hanging with Grandma Tracy
 Night Night time with Grandpa
 Licking the door handle it was so cold ;D
 A fun night with friends...Thanks Mom for hosting everyone.
 My grade school girlfriends :D
 Yay for 4 generations!
 Snuggling with Adel, watching Toy Story

Opps...It is only a few weeks late, but I am finally posting. My own life and munchkins have been getting ignored because I have been so busy with work. YAY, but I do miss all the cute pictures of them ;D. I was horrible at taking pictures over Thanksgiving, thankfully my mom took a bunch and sent me these :D We had a fun time...Drove to Colin's in San Rafeal, for a long weekend of good friends and yummy food! We then spent Thanksgiving with my family, which was SO incredibly yummy (Great job, Gram!) and then to Mike's family Thanksgiving which was also VERY delicious (I ate way too much dessert, Thanks to Brooke's yummy creations), and I forgot my camera, so no pictures at all from that Thanksgiving :(. Hope everyone stuffed themselves and had a great Thanksgiving with family and/or friends. We are so Thankful each and everyday for YOU being apart of our life!

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Langleys Mom said...

The 4 generations pic is gorgeous! What beautiful ladies in your fam!