Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Here is a series of photos of Connor 1st surfing days. This summer we has started asking about when he could learn to surf. We told him he had to swim across the pool first. He accomplished that and is now on a surfboard :D. It is so fun watching him! He laughs & giggles and makes his mama & dad so proud. He wipeouts out and gets right back on laughing. I hope his stoke for surfing and the ocean never stops!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jalama 2012

The road to Jalama
The sunset we watched just after we arrived
All the kiddos at campfire
Good morning tent snuggles
and wrestling
They enjoyed building and playing in holes all week
Our amazing friends, The Wilders
Auntie Bebe snuggles

Loving Uncle Chris
Love for Daddy
Mike surfing in the background
We built lots of sand castle animals!

Naptime :D

Going on a frog hunt!

Connor's foot
Jalama Burger!!!!

Our week of camping was perfect!!! The kids have both been now every year since they were born. We have made it a tradition and it feels like our other home when we are there. I pray the kids grow up loving it just as much as Mike and I.
We had an awesome time, as I am sure the photos show it. The week was full of amazing and loving friends, sunshine, sand, surf, campfire smell & heaps of food and drink.