Friday, December 17, 2010

An Early Christmas

 Tay wearing Uncle Scotty's hat
Uncle Scotty, Cousin Tessa & Jacob, & Connor snake hunting ;D
 I always talk about Tay curling her toes up, look at the foot 
in the bottom left corner...that is who she gets it from ;D!!!
 You can never get enough snuggles from Grandma
 Oh Boy, Toy Story
 Opening her first present...
a hoody towel ;D!
 This pic is not really about me, look at the little munchkin pulling down the tree. She was more interested with the tree than presents. However, I do really LOVE shoes. A lot.
 The most wonderful present of all! She came in April.
 Connor helping Uncle Scotty put on our new tow hitch :D
Thanks Scotty!!!!
 These boys love tools.
 I am all about the details right now. 
He put down his new train (bottom left) to play with tools - yeah now!
 Our amazing German Feast cooked by the one and only Sue Perry!! 
She needs her own cooking show!
 Stockings :D Always a favorite.
Our very own Buzz.

Mike and I love being with our parents on Christmas, but it just does not work well when one set of parents is in Norcal and the other Socal. So since we have been married, we alternate years of who we will be with on Christmas day. Last weekend we got together with Mike's parents and had our early Christmas!!! A wonderful day and I did not capture enough of it! We woke up to Scotty making us the best dough gards. The afternoon was spent opening presents, playing with presents, eating a wonderful German meal, listening to Chrismtas music, opening stockings and relaxing as a family! Connor opened one present and just wanted to play with it the whole time, Taylor was more interested in eating the paper or pulling on the branches of the Christmas tree (just what Connor was doing at her age ;D!). It was a wonderful early Christmas and so fun to make the holiday last even longer. We love you Papa Strong, Grandma Big Ball and Uncle Stinky...Thanks for spoiling our family!

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Izzard Family Blog said...

I like this idea of alternating Christmas. We may have to do that next year! Great photos! I love how Connor is more interested in the tools and Taylor wants the tree!