Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1st Haircut.


First snip. 
What are you doing? (Connor's mind)

Trying to entertain him.

Eating a comb. Whatever it takes to make him sit still.

Laughing with Dad.

I sure he was wondering what in the world is going on?


Thank you Auntie.

Haircut + glasses = STUD!

Connor got his first haircut from his Auntie Karly! It was so fun to watch him...we were not sure how he was going to react, but he did awesome sitting in his high chair with Mom, Dad, Auntie Kendy, Auntie Karly, some toys and combs to entertain him!

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Andrew, Evan, and Cole said...

I LOVE his new haircut! We miss you guys...love seeing updates on the fam!