Monday, February 16, 2009

Roseville Again.

Someone loves the crocodile!

This is one of his new faces when he gets excited about something!

Playing with Gramma

A super cool kitchen toy - I wish I could put this in my suitcase to take home with us. I think we need to buy one for our house or come visit more often

Connor loves to clap...I taught him by always holding his hands and clapping them for him...Now he is teaching Gramma ;0)

Connor and I came up to my parents house to visit...(so I could do some photography work this week as well!) Connor was spoiled with tons of new toys for Valentine's is a good thing as these nasty storms are keeping him inside everyday :0)

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Andrew, Evan, and Cole Rowbottom said...

You are such a good photographer! I love the new header pic!!