Friday, February 6, 2009


Last night, our little family went to McConnell's to celebrate Mike getting his new job and say our last good bye's to our favorite frozen yogurt shop (I am sure I will have to get it at least once more before we leave).  As you can see Connor really enjoyed was his first time eating ice cream (i know he is young, but its McConnell's we had to start him off right ;)!!!) and he is really proud of his dada for working so hard each day too! you all know - The Perry Family is moving to San Diego. 
Saying all of friends we have made here (you are all welcome to visit us anytime!). All Connor's friends too. Jalama. Emmawood. Sojourner. 1 freeway. State St. Hope Church. hiking SB hills. trees. Jack. Dr. Black. I know there will be more once we move and realize how good we had it here.
Good to have you back...Nati's. Pirates Cove. No surfs. Kirin Sushi. Torrey Pines. Yogurt Mill. The beach town vibe. Friends (you know who you are!) I am sure there are some things I have forgotten about it San Diego in the past 2 years.
It has been a wonderful experience living in Santa Barbara. We feel so fortunate to have lived here for a while, experience the beauty of SB and build relationships that we know will last forever! 

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GOT TIME OFF said...

Hi Mike and Ashley,
I am a good friend of the Harloffs and Sherrie sent me a link to your blog because like Conner, I have a tear drop pupil. He is the only other person I have ever heard of to have the same special eye! I would love to meet Conner sometime as well as his parents. He will be great!!
Jana Hernandez