Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Perry's

Opening presents in his new PJs

Trying to open all the presents under the tree

Christmas Eve - Opening up new PJ's

Hanging out on Christmas Eve

Learning how to play the piano with Gramma

Christmas morning was wonderful! Connor wore his new Christmas PJ's Grandma got him. He had fun opening up lots of presents and tried to open everyone else's as well, when he was no distracted by Kirby (the dog)!!! He got a fun shopping cart walker, a camping book, music toys and lots of goodies in his stocking! Celebrating Christmas has been so much fun and Connor has been so entertained by all of his new toys :0) (giving me lots of time to post to the blog!!) 

Thank you everyone for making Connor's first Christmas so special and fun!

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