Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Search of the Perfect Tree

Who does not smile to the smell of Christmas trees?

There he is the curious kid, eating pine needles.

Yum! I wonder if I will see those again ;)

HA! Maybe next year!

This is the one! 27 1/2 inches, just like Connor!

For those of you who have seen our little place in SB you know why we got a little tree :0) Last year we managed to get a real tree, however a few things have changed this year. Connor was born and the living room has become his play room...and on top of that he is so curious and tries to put everything in his mouth! I am not sure if we would have a Christmas tree left by Christmas because he would have eaten all the needles. 
However, this is a live Christmas tree - so much cooler than all others!! It is the size of Connor (which is super rad!!) And it is going to be planted in Big Bear at Grandpa's cabin so Connor will always have his very own tree at the cabin :0) (Hope thats okay with you Grandpa)

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