Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Merry Early Christmas.

Mt Baldy (way to cold) snow trip - 37 degrees and no true snow clothes.
 They were so happy keeping each other warm!
 We drove up the mountain with the kids in their PJ's. Connor was so excited, he did not stop to put on snow clothes :D. He did invent a great snow ball thrower with the Sundberg's toy for fetch.
 We had a deviled egg contest and look who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd! I am proud to be in their family :D
 Our pretend Christmas Eve in new Christmas PJ's
 I think Santa LOVES Connor & Taylor!
 Excited looking at his Cars Activity Set
 Wow, a kitchen!!!
 Connor's new skull helmet
 Tay got an awesome handmade ABC book
 Connor's new balance bike!
What a fun Christmas weekend we had. As soon as we walked in the door the party begun with festive cocktails and Christmas karaoke.  So sad I have no pics :( Connor was so cute, singing with Grandma! And did not end until we walked out after eating huge pieces of birthday cake for Grandma Big Ball.
Thank you Grandma Big Ball, Papa Strong, Uncle Stinky and Candace for celebrating a wonderful early Christmas together! It was perfect and special and will be a forever memory! We love you!!!!

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