Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

 Connor and I carved a HAPPY pumpkin
Chomping away on a cupcake
 thought: "mom and her pictures"
 Tay: "Who is this piggy and leave me alone"
1st Trick or Treating
 Hanging out in the wagon while Piggy gets all the candy
 "Okay, next house!"
 Walking with Sister
 Tay was done after about 10 houses
 But woke up to hang with daddy and watch the world series
One tired little piggy

Halloween was sure a lot of fun this year. The whole month was excitement for Connor as we decorated together, did halloween crafts, went shopping for costumes, to a halloween partay, carved a pumpkin and did his very first trick or treating. Connor was determined to be a piggy from the start. He loves Hamm from Toy Story, not sure if this is where he got the idea, but he came up with it on his own as there was no piggy costumes in stores. I finally ordered it online...once it came in the mail, I barely could get it off him to change a diaper. Tay on the other hand was a peacock bc mommy saw it at the store and love love loved it. 
Trick or Treating was awesome...I have never seen Connor happier about anything in his whole life. We told stories about trick or treating over dinner and then headed out the door. He totally got it! Mike and I just stood from the street as he tackled all the other kids and stairs to get some candy. It was awesome to watch him be so brave and have so much fun. Our neighborhood is awesome for trick or treating...real size candy, glow sticks, goody bags, playdoh, drinks and goodies for adults...I was impressed!
Hope everyone else had a fun and safe Halloween!


Pictures and Plans said...

Rad pics. The best looking birdie and pig I have ever seen!

Pictures and Plans said...

best looking pig and birdie I have ever seen

Chad said...

How much cuter can they be? The pig is the best. Glad you found the costume. Lo is addicted to T_O_Y story too! Can Tay be a sweeter peacock? Those eyes with that bird equals perfection.

Langleys Mom said...

hi neighbor, wish he could have knocked on our door!! :) Langley was totally into it this year too! So fun! Tay is too cute in that peacock!