Monday, April 5, 2010


Connor enjoyed stabbing the eggs with Crayons until they broke apart
All week Connor told me the Easter Bunny brings candy and money...
he is smart!
Opening up his Easter basket
Gramma found some awesome teeth for his Easter basket ;D
Every egg he found, he had to open it, dump it out and eat some of the candy
After a while he decided to have an area where he left his basket, dump the candy in the basket and throw the empty eggs on the grass

Easter was so much fun this year! Connor started telling me everywhere we go, "Connor, want it!" and I responded always, "The Easter Bunny is coming and maybe he will bring it." It was cute, so Connor was VERY excited to wake up Sunday for Easter. We had a wonderful weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Perry coloring eggs, playing in the beautiful sunshine, eating Easter brunch and watching Connor have an egg hunt with no competition ;D!

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Donelle Anderson said...

How cute...that's funny what Connor did with those plastic eggs. Tre would either kick them like he would any ball or shake them to see if something good was inside, if not, toss it.
Looks like a great Easter...hope you are feeling well with your little ones due date approaching!