Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rincon Classic 2009

Madness...What contest is not a scene anymore?
I want that 15 year old's lense!

One of many shots of the weekend. Way to go Mike!

Dad was the photographer this weekend. He is getting good!

Our boy playing in the sand.

Such a poser for the camera. But check out them chompers.

He was exploring! This mussel ended up in his mouth.

I dont know what is better...his shades or that hair!?

Exploring with Dad

Teaching his boy about the ocean

Not sure what this was...
He managed to touch sea anemones, play with seaweed, and pick up a hermit crab.

Baby Tar feet!

Baby Tar Feet #2

We enjoyed an entire weekend at the beach watching the Rincon Classic Surf Contest

Nothing is better than...spending the weekend as a family in your swimsuit...smelling like sunscreen...tasting like salt water...feeling sand between your toes...watching our soon to be little grom crawl around exploring the ocean...and of course watching good surf!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention...Its January and 75 degrees :0) 

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Donelle, Jammer and Tre Anderson said...

How great is this weather? Loving it...been to the beach 3 times this week...wishing Tre could crawl but we have fun hanging on the blankie and he is doing really well at sitting up unassisted.
Thanks for your info this morning!!