Friday, January 9, 2009

6 and 7

Giggles and Chompers

6 Teeth at 7 Months - Bring on the steak

Sorry I have lagged on a post this week. Connor is doing good - He has had a fun week playing with lots of his friends. We are finally getting back to our grove of play dates after the busy holidays. This morning we started swim lessons and Connor loved it...I did too, watching him laugh, splash and kick was so much fun. Nobody was there to take pics so next week hopefully I will get some photos up for you as Dad will be there too.
Here are two photos of us trying to capture pics of Connor's top teeth. Dad was tickling him to make him laugh and show off his new chompers. Can you believe he got all top 4 at the same time? And mom has had no sleep!? :0)
Hope everyone is enjoying 2009 so far.


Mike said...

Connor. Whoah! No wonder you don't like teething. ouch. You are a champ.
Keep up the good work homie.

The Rowbottom Family said...

Oh man! Ashley!! Your sleepless nights were for a very good reason! ;) I can't believe he's getting them all at once...I guess better than spread out for a longer time. Had so much fun on Wednesday!! See you soon!