Tuesday, June 17, 2008

10lbs of Cuteness!

First time to church!

Hanging out with Dad on Fathers Day in the park!

Getting my first sunburn in the park...crazy mom and dad!
Thats right....Connor is now 10 lbs! He is becoming a little man! Each second Mike and I are having fun noticing new things about him - He LOVES to smile and is starting his own little laugh! He makes lots of fun faces and noises... the lower pout lip is no fun - a bit sad, but cute too! He is just so much fun to hang out with. I am so thankful I get to be an at home mom and experience all his 1sts! He is a cutie...Here are some pics of him at 3 weeks old!


Beck said...

you better not be getting that baby sunburned! oh he's so cute, i can't wait to squeeze him. happy first father's day mike! looks like so much fun. xox

Donelle, Jammer and Tre Anderson said...

What a little cutie...