Monday, February 20, 2012


 Picking flowers :D
 Found an awesome swing!
They were curious who lived in there.
"Taylor will not hug me!"
I know, I know...I have a ton of pictures of Taylor. I have been taking Taylor on photography adventures during preschool days so I can just play with my camera, practice, snap away and not worry about getting the perfect shot. And besides, can't you see this girl LOVES the camera.


Beck said...

The "Taylor will not hug me" picture is so funny of Connor...I can totally see how bummed he is..classic. In my opinion (or by what I see in pics) Tay is looking more and more like her big bro...both cutie pies! xo

Hazelbug said...

She is gorgeous. Looks just like you, Ash! I love her in the dress and boots....