Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love. Love. Love.

Connor giving sister a ride!
Taylor practicing her Miss America wave during her tour of the backyard.
 We love feet :D
 The most unattractive picture, but its REAL!
The boys walking the OB wall checking the surf.
 Connor: "You play Percy, I will play Thomas"

When Mike and I got married (three years ago tomorrow) I thought I could never experience more love than I did on our wedding day. When we had Connor, I felt a love I had never experienced before. When we had Taylor, I felt a different type of love for a little girl and believed I had all the love in my life I could ever have now that I have my boy and my girl. I thought wrong. My love of our family continues to grow...I am overwhelmed and so thankful as nobody ever really tells you what its like to have your very own family. I absolutely love the stage of Connor and Taylor interacting...Connor talking to her like she understands everything and is really playing with him, Taylor smiling and cooing back at him. Their love for each other melts my heart. Today I can not imagine experiencing more happiness and love for my family, but I am sure there is more...

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The Brewsters said...

Weep weep, oh so sweet you make me cry! What would we do without love?