Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Brother Practice



Connor got his first baby just a few weeks ago!
I was given some advice from a friend of mine who is the greatest mom of two kids (I LOVE you Laurel!)...She said to get a baby and have Connor start practicing being a Big Bro. I was not too excited to run out and get one, but I did. Connor was the one who picked out his baby...At first he wanted a really girly one, but after about 40 minutes of walking Toys 'R' Us, we finally were able to choose this one, which is a bubble bath baby, that's why she has no clothes :D
He has had a lot of fun holding, feeding and rocking his baby, but I would say his favorite is changing baby's diaper :D! Only 5 1/2 more weeks til he will actually have his baby sister to hold!


Langleys Mom said...

Looks like Connor is going to be doing lots of helping when baby sister arrives!

The Jimenez Ohana said...

That is so rad, Connor is going to be an excellent big brother.
xoxo, Lori

Annie Gupta said...

So sweet! He will be such a great big brother! :)