Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Camping Trip

Mr. & Mrs. Brandt

Colin, Mike and Ryan

My Boys

Flirting with a hot woman!

Our family of 4 managed to sleep in this
2-man backpacking tent for a week!

We had the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

1st Camping Trip for the bus ;D and I am sure not the last

Setting Up Camp with the light of a camp fire, chugging milk
Life does not get much better

Connor and his BUS!

Going on an adventure!

We climbed on lots of tree stumps and logs

Saying good morning to the ocean and dolphins
these were new words Connor said on our trip, he asked for them every morning

I love them more and more each day

Cheesey Sunset at Jalama!
Me and my favorite little boy

I can't ever get enough pics of them.

Our trip was amazingly awesome and such a good time for us all! (I got the stomach flu, but enjoyed being out in the wilderness with fresh air recovering!)
We went up to San Rafael to Colin's wedding reception for two days - relaxed and had a god time at the reception. Connor danced on the dance floor throughout dinner :D. Then we headed to Santa Cruz for a few days - visited with my parents, watched each sunrise & sunset, surfed, built sand castles, froze our lil bums and snuggled in our small tent at New Brighton State Beach. Still heading south we went down to Jalama Beach and camped out for Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving feast was the best Jalama Burger and fries :D YUM!
We scored perfect weather the whole trip! It was so fun to be camping with the family. Connor did awesome on all the drives, entertaining us with songs and his Uke.
Hopefully we will make this a Perry family tradition, but hoping to upgrade to a bigger tent :D

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