Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another wonderful weekend.

Balboa Park Nights, watching a band that Connor loved dancing too

We don't get enough of these anymore ;D

Baking Christmas brownies together


It's not baking if there isn't a mess

Uncle Scotty came to visit :D

Connor was given lots of sugar at the OB parade

Our family at the OB Christmas Parade

At the parade with Janine and Jules

With Sarah and Langley at the parade

During Christmas season there is so much to do...It is fun trying to juggle all the fun activities, even more fun having a little one! Friday night we went to Balboa Park Nights and saw all the lights, listened to Christmas carols and of course danced :D (one of Connor's favorite things to do!) Saturday we went to our play group and had a fun christmas partay! Lots of munchkins, yummy food and drink and presents for the kiddos! We left with some friends to go to the OB Christmas parade! Mike and his clever idea of riding bikes down got us up close and personal with lots of floats and right in the middle of the parade! MERRY CHRISTMAS OB, LOVE THE PERRYS :D!!! It was good fun to find friends as we were riding and joined them for the rest of the parade for Connor to collect about 50 candy canes! What a fun weekend...and I am sure there will be more of this all the way up til Christmas.


The Switzer Family said...

Love seeing/hearing what your beautiful family is up to! Looks like you are keeping busy and having so much fun!

The Barry Family said...

We miss the Perry Family! Hope you are well and that we get to see you one of these days. How are you feeling Ash?