Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Patch x 2

In search of the perfect pumpkin

Summer Farms Pumpkin Patch

Connor enjoyed throwing pumpkins like a ball

Perfect size!


Our little Climber

Halloween is coming :D Connor and I went with our mommy group to the cutest pumpkin patch yesterday - I have never seen so many perfect pumpkins! Today we went again with dad and bought big pumpkins to soon of our artistic abilities :D.


Andrew, Evan, and Cole said...

Can you please move back here and take pictures of Cole on a daily basis!!!??! I can't get enough - you're pictures are so amazing!

Donelle Anderson said...

Hehe, Tre was treating the pumpkins like balls as well, trying to kick them everywhere. Where is this pumpkin patch? Is it in El Cajon?