Friday, October 17, 2008

1st Plane Ride

Sitting in his own seat on the airplane - i did not pay for it, we just lucked out on the first flight
Hanging out with GG

Great Grammas were the first to come visit...they love their Connor
Playing with Jag
Drinking water from a Sippy Cup
Grandpa taught him to blow raspberries with his whole tounge and he will not stop!

On Tuesday, Connor took his first trip on the airplane to Roseville :) WOW...It's much different flying with a child. The days of relaxing on a plane - putting head phones on and reading a book are over. The entire plane ride I was entertaining Connor so he would not cry. We had our first flight to San Francisco and the flight attendent offered everyone ear plugs. I thought she was offering because of Connor, but I had forgot how loud those prop planes are - so Connor sported a pair. He was very curious, touching everything and looking around. He did great. We had a lay over of 35 minutes so when we got off the plane and headed for the bathroom to change his diaper. Over the loud speaker my name was called because the gate was closing! WHAT!? Needless to say everyone on the plane was waiting for me and then as I arrived I was holding a baby - nobody smiled. HA. But he was awesome again. SOOO good the guy next to me slept the whole way. It has been a good trip so far...busy busy - hanging out with family that I wish lived so much closer.
Connor got his two bottom teeth last night at 1:30am! :D YEA! He was screaming at the top of his lungs and sure enough I put my little finger in his mouth to find his teeth came in!

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