Tuesday, May 22, 2012

He is 4!

Boy, oh boy, you are four!!! Connor man, where do I even begin...You are the COOLEST boy I know. This past year has gone by so fast. You have grown up so much, becoming a kid instead of just my baby or little boy. You remind me always that you are not a baby, or little, you ARE big :D. But you will ALWAYS be my little boy ;D. 
This past year was awesome, Connor!
You are smart! You desire to be smart & love to learn. You started preschool this year, learning Spanish. You love practicing writing your letters, spelling, drawing, doing puzzles & reading books.
You are very creative, building awesome creations with Lego's. 
You are very friendly. You love to introduce yourself and your family to others. You will talk non-stop sharing stories of your life. You put a smile on everyone's face making them feel so special.
You are a very loving kid. You LOVE to snuggle me and tell me you will until you are 18. Family snuggle time & BUGS HUG'S are some of your favorite family times. You can be a great helper to me and very sweet to your sister when you want to be. Most mornings, you two kiss and hug when you wake up. You are very sweet with little kids or babies too. Recently you told your Aunt Cindy you needed another baby in the house because Taylor is too old. HAHA.
You are grumpy, sassy, and a stinker too. All normal kid stuff. You are so good at pushing my buttons, teaching me more about being a patient Mom. I secretly love it at times, as I know it will not be forever :D. Or at least I hope you will act a bit differently in those moods.
You are FUNNY! You love to be a little comedian, talking in different voices, telling jokes, being silly. You will do crazy stuff just to try to get people to laugh. I am a bit worried, you may become the class clown. 
You learned the hardest lesson of life this year when Grandma Tracy passed away. You spend many months asking questions about death, dying, heaven...You did not understand for a while that you would not see her again, wanting to go visit her. You shared with me you would climb a ladder & fly on an airplane to go visit her in heaven. And I so wish we could of. When it rained, you told me Grandma was crying because she missed us. You let go of a balloon on accident one day and told me it was okay because it was for Grandma. Now it is something you ask to do often. You talk to her, wave at her, blow her kisses...You have such an open heart. You often share stories of her..My favorite is you always blame your farts on a frog in the room. I asked you one day where in the world did you learn that and you responded, "Grandma Tracy! She always said that." You ease me through some of my pain, with the love and joy you had for your Grandma. 
You are an amazing son, Connor. I could not ask for anything more. You make me such a proud Mommy. And as much as I want you to stay little, I am excited to see how much you grow in this next year. 
Happy 4th Birthday!!!! I LOVE YOU.

Toy: transformers & legos
Food: bean & cheese burritos
TV: Nascar
Movie: Cars
Song: Party Rock
What do you want to be when you grow up: Daddy

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