Sunday, April 22, 2012


 Going on a hike...
Searching for the Easter bunny...
 Easter bunny, Are you in there?

 Never found the Easter bunny, 
but the kids did swim in the lake in their birthday suits :D
 A tradition of dying Easter eggs together.
And dying Taylor's hair purple :D.
 So pretty!
 Being silly girls.
 The Easter bunny left a basket on the porch
 And then appeared at the cabin rocks...
 Laughing with the Easter bunny
 Playing peek-a-boo
 Laughing at the Easter bunny
 Going on a treasure hunt around the cabin rocks 
to see what the Easter bunny hid
 Connor, the bug man :D
 An of course, an Easter egg hunt.
We had an awesome Easter. There was so much more fun of helping Grandma cook her amazing meals, snuggles, playing on the cabin rocks...It was a perfect weekend.

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