Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bye Dr. Lee

Connor & Dr. Lee - We are going to miss her!
We love Slip & Slide
  Last week we were at UCLA and had to say good bye to our favorite doctor. :( Dr. Lee was such a wonderful doctor to work with. She was so patient with Connor, made the visits fun (he taught her about excavators ;D!), she was always there to listen and encourage us to stay strong and not give up with his contacts. Contacts has been a very hard transition for our family and especially Connor, I am so glad Dr. Lee was there for us and pray that we will develop a great relationship with our new contact lens doctor. It is wonderful Gramma Big Ball was there to help out. It makes for a better trip to UCLA and is always fun to have a slumber party at her house :D Connor was spoiled at Toys "R" Us after our doctor visit. It was 100 degrees at her house, so we needed a water toy for sure, I picked out a slip and slide (hehe) and it was SO much fun for the both of us! Connor picked out his birthday present, the backhoe! He LOVES it, but needs to go to driving school badly or quickly learn how to repair fences ;D!

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