Monday, February 15, 2010

Santa Barbara and The Big Ouchie

1st Big Ouchie :(
Enjoying baby toys again...
Touching a starfish in SB
Chips = cute pinchable cheeks
Sam, Lucy and Connor having fun on the surfboard
 Connor got his first big ouchie from doing a happy dance about the potty ;D. Booooom right into the wall!!! Thank you to Gramma for buying cool boo boo ice packs so Connor could keep his mind off of it - I knew there was a reason for those to chill in the freezer for the past 6 months ;D He still has a bump and its been about two weeks now :(
  This past weekend we headed to Santa Barbara...stayed at a friends house who is out of town, but they have a beautiful new baby girl. Connor loved playing with her toys as you can see - I think he might fight his sister for them ;D. We got to spend lots of time with friends and their kids - It was the most beautiful weekend, so of course we lived at the beach! :D

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JJ said...

That's a big one!!! Poor Connor and poor mommy...