Monday, June 8, 2009

Connor this is the ocean. Ocean this is Connor.

Connor taking his first dip in the ocean at 2 weeks old!
He has grown SO much.

So this is going to have to satisfy those of you who love to check in on our family and see whats going on! My hard drive on my NEW (emphasizing it) Mac computer failed...bummer. So it has been in the shop for a week now and I just got it back, but our internet will not work! UGH! (Apple and COX are not on my good list to say the least!) So I am using Mike's work internet and just happened to find this photo for you.
Our family has been up to a lot of fun things right now too...some rad photos to share...but you are gonna have to wait patiently for them ;) So for those of you who know I send out Thank You's quickly and you are sad you have not received them, well thats because all of you addresses are on my computer as well...UGH! Life without a computer is really hard at times.

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