Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bye Bye Santa Barbara.

He is wearing a patch now for an hour a day!
This kid has gone through a lot in the last 2 weeks!

So sad to leave all of our friends!
It is hard to get a group shot at this age ;)

Taking a break from packing and went to say bye to the ducks
It was an awesome experience as this was the first time he had glasses on :)

Our break was a little long :0) but much needed

Two of our professional movers :0) Mike and Craig

bye bye to our 1st house together as husband and wife
as well as a family
this was a little emotional, i was not expecting it

Picture 1 of The Truck
Only one thing fell out! Should I say Thanks to Scott who drove our goods to SD or thanks to Craig for the man who played tetris for 4 hours packing the truck and trailer

Picture 2 of The Truck

Picture 3 of The Truck and Trailer

Picture 4 of the Trailer
Okay Okay...I know what you are thinking (GHETTO! Do you know how many people gave that response on the road!) It worked. It was free. 
Moving is never fun, and this made it extremely funny!

Wow. I never knew moving could be so hard and exhausting with a 9 month old little boy. I am so thankful my mom came a week early to help pack up my house...Connor was so funny, trying to unpack all the boxes as we packed them up. So we were thinking, he would be great help when we got to San Diego to help unpack - wrong. This house is so much bigger than where we were living and everything is new now so he is crawling and getting into everything...also trying to walk (and its all hardwood so I am nervous!) He is doing awesome though and has his very own room! 
I will post soon with pictures of our new home!

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Donelle, Jammer and Tre Anderson said...

Awww..I would imagine a little emotion would happen, that will be a memorable place for you guys and some major firsts! Now onto the next phase of your life...back in SD as a family! YIPPEE!
Let me know when you guys aren't busy, I'd love to get together sometime soon! I've been doing a bunch of playdate stuff if you & Connor want to come up and join a meetup, some fun babies that Connor could cruise around with.